Veggie Balls with Tomato Sauce

cooking time 40 min
preparation time 60 min

Ingredients for 8/9 people
potatoes 2, chard or lettuce 1, piece eggs 2, oil for frying right amount, zucchini 2, stale bread 100 gr, grated parmigiano cheese 20 gr, salt right amount, carrots 2, scamorza or provola cheese 200 gr, flour 1 spoon, breadcrumbs right amount, sauce al basilico 1 jar

Clean the chard and then boil it. Then drain it and squeeze it well too. Boil also the potatoes, and then peel and squash them. Wash the rest of the vegetables, being careful to cleansing them well: Cut the vegetables to pieces and let them sear: carrots for first, and when they will become softer add the zucchini and finally the minced In the meantime, let the bread soften in a bowl containing water. At this point you can put in a bowl all the vegetables, together with the bread (squeezed well), the scamorza cheese that you have to cut in cubes, the grated parmigiano, the eggs, and finally some salt and pepper Try to blend everything together, and then add a spoon of flour and some breadcrumbs to make the dough as uniform as possible. Shape the balls with your hands, and rub them in a dish with some breadcrumbs. Put the veggie balls in the fridge for 30 min. After this step, pull them out of the fridge and fry them in a pan with plentiful oil for frying. In the meantime, you have to heat ITALIANAVERA sauce up in a pot, to immerse in it the fried balls. Let the veggie balls flavour for some minutes, until they will have absorbed part of the sauce.

plan B

If you don’t want to use frying, you can cook your balls in the oven at 180° for 20/30 min.

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