Month: June 2019

Month: June 2019

cooking time 5-10 min
preparation time 10 min

ingredients for 4 people
A loaf of bread 4 slices; (about) 350gr, Buffalo milk mozzarella 250gr, Italiana vera sauce with fresh basil 1 jar, Oregano right amount

The Bruschetta “alla caprese” is a typical Neapolitan recipe, a pleasure to taste that can be served as an appetizer, but also as a second course, if you want a light, fresh and digestible meal.
First of all, you have to cut the slices of bread; they should be enough thick, but not too much (about 2-3 cm). Then you have to toast the slices of bread perfectly: you can use the grill mode of your oven, or you can simply put them on a hot-plate. It will take only a few minutes until the bread will become toasted and pleasantly warm.
As regards the sauce, you can both heat it up in a pot for a few seconds before pouring it on the hot bread, or you can simply open the jar and use a spoon to spread the sauce on the slices while they are still heating: the warmth of the bread will do the rest for you!
Finally, don’t forget to cut some cubes of buffalo mozzarella and put it over the sauce to complete your dish. In addition, a drizzle of oregano will be the last touch of your exquisite Bruschetta “alla caprese”.

plan B

Bruschetta can be served both warm or without cooking. You must only choose what you like most!
If you need to prepare the dish more quickly, you can simply spread the sauce on the slices of bread, without needing any cooking!