Sandwich bread cannoli

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cooking time 3-5 min
preparation time 15 min

ingredients for 4 people
sandwich bread 8 slices, sauce with fresh basil 1 jar, parmigiano cheese right amount, basilico right amount, mozzarella 200g.

This recipe is very easy to prepare and you will immediately notice that its taste is both fresh and light. First of all, cut the mozzarella in little cubes.
Secondly, put the slices of bread on a surface and pour the sauce at the centre of each piece; at this point, you can complete the dish adding some parmigiano cheese and and the mozzarella cubes. Now shape the cannoli, rolling the bread with all the ingredients in it. Put the rolls in a baking pan; it would be preferable if you covered it with baking paper.
Finally pour the remaining sauce on the cannoli, and heat them up in the oven at 180° for a few min.
You can serve your cannoli in a platter, adding also some fresh basil

plan B

A good alternative would be that of covering the rolls with some beaten egg and breadcrumbs in order to form a lovely crust. All you have to do then, is to cook the cannoli in the oven for 20 min.

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