Montanara (fried pizza)

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Cooking time 1 min
Preparation time 20 min (leavening excluded)

Ingredients for 6 people
water 1 lt, peanut oil right amount, flour 1600 gr, salt 45 gr, fresh baker’s yeast 6 gr, sauce al basilico 1 jar, Parmigiano cheese + pecorino cheese 70% + 30%, Mozzarella 500 gr, salt and pepper right amount.

For the dough:
Melt the yeast in the water Knead all the ingredients and add the water little by little Be careful to knead the ingredients until you obtain a smooth dough Now let it rise until it reaches the right dimension (about 5 h of leavening), covering it with a clean cloth. When the dough will have risen, cut some discs of dough with a diameter of 15 cm. The discs must rise for the second time (other 5 h)
Fry the discs in plentiful of peanut oil, at the temperature of 180° You can test the temperature of the oil immersing a piece of dough in the pan. The discs must fry for 1 minute, and then you can take them out of the pan, and put it on some blotting paper to remove the oil in excess. After the frying, season the montanare immediately, using the sauce al basilico, grated cheese and some pieces of mozzarella.

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